Viability Briefs & Appraisals

Viability Briefs & Appraisals

We are here to assist in maximising development value on all sites.

S106* payments, CIL* payments and affordable housing provision effect profit margins and viability but by being able to negotiate a trade-off to get the planning approved are our speciality.

The cost of development and profit margins has become increasingly recognised as part of the planning process. Our experts having hands on experience in working within the development industry understand that finances are an important factor for consideration for clients as planning matters.

We take seriously keeping up to date and having continued hands on experience, we offer clients this a valuable service which can be used in negotiating with councils and in renegotiating previously signed agreements. Also this service ensures time and finances are not wasted.

Large and complicated property developments it’s seen as essential to undertake an appraisal of all the issues surrounding planning policy with guidance from our consultants to determine the best strategy for your scheme.

A Planning Appraisal is undertaken as an assessment of the potential for the development / redevelopment of sites which takes into account the relevant planning policy, history and case law which ensures a smooth passage to acquiring the planning consent without delay or financial implications and also aims at maximising development potential.

All reports are bespoke tailored to the clients requirements so can vary from a simple outline brief or to one that encompasses a range of subjects. Each element of the range is on the pathway to planning being accepted.

The cost of the service is taken into consideration in the overall eventual planning application. We offer a very flexible payment plan which frees up capital for your other costs on the development.

*CIL Advice

Community Infrastructure Levy requirements and calculations that may be relevant to your project.

We provide guidance on the Community Infrastructure Levy, which is a complex tax on new development and should be considered from the outset of any new development over a certain number of proposed units. We have experience in negotiating CIL sums and seek reductions where the formula is unclear or miscalculated.

*Section 106

The content of the S106 agreement is agreed through the consultation period of the planning application with the relevant parties and planning officer. The S106 Legal Agreement can be prepared by the council’s solicitors and the applicants will be required to pay the solicitor’s fees excluding VAT.

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