Land Acquisition and Disposal

Land Acquisition and Disposal

We have considerable expertise in acquiring and disposing of land for development, predominantly for residential and mixed-use purposes. We also have the vision to see the potential of existing buildings for “Change of Use” to ensure minimum construction costs and maximum profits.

We acquire land from private Landlords and Regional Government / Local Authorities and institutions from governmental departments, a broad spectrum of private and publically listed Companies. We also deal on behalf of Equity funds and pension companies both domestic and from overseas.

We provide a bespoke service aimed at meeting the needs of the vast variations of clients. Our strategy for acquisition or disposal is simple. It is based on our commitment to get the best deal possible for our clients and push up to the highest level of market resistance.

With a wealth of experience in negotiating property contracts, often with buyers already waiting for our contacts and to sellers we already represent, this allows us to provide a service that is not traditionally provided by other estate agencies. We provide an independent bespoke service that takes the acquisition or disposal of land from an initial idea through, with a dedicated service, to completion of the transaction.

We work closely with the client’s solicitor on both sides to ensure that the commerciality of a contract meets the needs of the clients. We are comfortable with a myriad of complex options taken out by our clients and joint venture contract requirements.

Checklist for the Proposed Development

  • Proof Sites are “Locked In”
  • Financials / Projections and cash flows for the undertakings of the Development
  • Any Options in consideration by the Vendor / Purchaser – To ensure nothing is unclear at the last minute before the Sale or Acquisition
  • Full ESCROW terms are arranged for the financials Pre and Post transaction
  • QS Report
  • Construction Cost from the Contractors instructed
  • Architectural Diagrams & Plans of the Scheme

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